New...Unimog SSI available! Dependability is BACK!! The PinzSSI system has been sold and is operating on 5 continents without a complaint! Read what the members of Real 4X4 have to say about PinzSSI Look at what a new distributor would cost vs. a complete PinzSSI ignition system! An electronic drop-in replacement ignition system for all gasoline Pinzgauer 710 and 712 models.

    Everything is included- New distributor, coil pack, harness, plugs and wires. All custom designed for the Pinzgauer! This system completely replaces your entire original ignition system. No maintenance is required except for plugs. Your truck will start easier and run great. The SSI gives 3 sparks on every power stroke.

    The PinzSSI solid state electronic ignition system is designed to be a drop-in replacement for the aging, obsolete original coil and distributor in the gas Pinzgauer 710 and 712, updating it to 21st century technology. The distributor is replaced with a programmed ignition module and the coil is replaced by a dual-core coil and relay pack. There are no weights or vacuum advance, ignition timing is computer controlled and advances with RPM, utilizing a waste spark system. Timing is laser precise with an optical pick-up and doesn't vary with RPM. Over-revving is prevented by an internal programmed 4500 rev limiter, just like original. The module provides 3 sparks per power stroke, which ensures more complete combustion and smooth acceleration without hesitation.

    The PinzSSI kit comes complete with a patented ignition module, wiring harness, relay/coil assembly, pre-cut plug wires, and plugs. No modifications need to be made to the existing Pinzgauer harness, and no drilling is required. Everything installs with basic tools.

    Replacement Bosch distributors for the Pinzgauer are nearly impossible to find, and chances are the one in your Pinzgauer is around 40 years old. Replacing the stock OEM distributor cap, wires, and plugs can cost about $900. Civilian conversion kits are available for about $300, but require the original distributor. PinzSSI is delivered to you for $695. Pertronix is a good replacement for points, but uses a Hall-effect magnetic pick-up which can fluctuate timing and isn't as precise. Centrifugal advance weights sometimes stick and springs can weaken or break, affecting performance. With the PinzSSI in place you can set it and forget it, there are no moving parts to wear.

    Installing the PinzSSI is easy and can be done in a few hours by following instructions. Just remove the old coil, suppressor, distributor, plugs, and wires and set aside. Plug the vacuum opening, install the ignition module using the original pinch clamp, run the harness, install the relay/coil assembly (one bolt), install plugs and wires. Connect the power source to the relay, set the timing statically (timing lights won't work with multiple sparks), and you're ready to go. That's it!

6 month warranty on all parts

14 Day "No Questions Asked" satisfaction guarantee is included! If you install the PinzSSI system and are not satisfied with the performance, you can return in for a full refund within 14 days. Number of systems returned to date: 0.
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PinzSSI Water Test

The PinzSSI successfully passes the water test under severe conditions.

When the cap was removed, the module was completely dry inside.


"My engine hasn't skipped a beat since installing this product!" --Rick


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